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Change the Landscape 

The goal of the DASM is to create a crowdsourced, interactive and very much living map, capturing the past and present of commemoration.

If the full participatory functions that are envisioned are developed, communities facing renaming debates or wondering, “What should we do with these problematic statues?” could focus on a specific site or area that they want to add rich context to. They can then use the platform to annotate the map, facilitate discussions and capture options and opinions from their community. Cultural organizations can also view other “hot” areas of debate on the map and zoom in to see how and what is being discussed there, which may be useful for their own work. Communities may want to download the data for their particular county and use it in the legislative process or to make a case for winning a grant to host an arts competition to build a new statue. 

The participatory functions are still under development. For now, here's what you can do:

The Vision for a Digital Platform

Check out these models for what the participatory platform could ultimately look like.

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